About Me

I got bitten by the travel bug the first time I went to Europe in May 2015 for a summer abroad trip for college credit. I never officially lived abroad during my undergrad years, which led me to receive my Masters in the UK as that was always what I wanted to do but never had the opportunity before.

Claude Monet’s Gardens – Giverney, France

As of July 2020, I have been to 9 countries and aim to increase that number within the next few months.

In between school and traveling, I enjoy reading books, playing soccer/football, and learning new languages (currently I’m learning French!). Also, I like to find hidden food spots and cafes in each city I visit, and take local tours to learn about the culture and history of each location as I’m a HUGE history nerd.

I created this travel blog to share information with other like-minded travelers who may not be as “on-the-go” or very extroverted like other travelers and enjoy to experience new places at a slower pace. I try to provide recommendations and tips for mostly the latter, but also for those who tend to straddle both personalities or will be traveling with someone who is the former and may want to find things that both of them would enjoy.

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